This calls for celebration…!

Ever since I found out about such a thing called blogging, I’ve felt the need to join the bandwagon not just because it’s cool to say I’m a blogger but because I believe God has given me a voice that could enrich the discourse of our time. Yet with all the nudging and encouragement, I’d shrink back in fear, trepidation and doubt each time I’d made an attempt to start. But here I am!
While I have many ‘official’ first blog posts that never made it to the imaginary blog, this one would. It’s officially the official first blog post and I am beyond excited to start right here at Dulles Int’l Airport where i’m waiting with my husband to board our flight to Brussels en route to Freetown.
To everyone who has believed in my dream and in me and have encouraged me to write including my sister Fatty, my home girl Kipsy and everyone else along the way, thank you. To my wonderful husband, thank you for being my number 1 fan and for being on my case to start this blog. I know I can count on your following this blog on any day.
Deeply grateful to God for this achievement of starting the blog and for the gift of writing. I trust You for content knowing You are faithful to finish that which you have started. Thank you.

Looking forward to the wonderful days ahead….

Daughter of the King

About Sadia

Independent business and research consultant with a passion for writing. Skidmore College graduate - Management and Business major, International Affairs minor. Davis United World College scholar. Motivational Speaker. Creative writer. Friend. Sister. Daughter. Beloved Wife. For further information/speaking engagements please email me at:
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